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Hello LactoJoy

What differentiates us from other chewable lactase tablets

Do you want to live life to the full - even with lactose intolerance? Do you want to finally be able to go out to eat with friends and accept invitations, without worrying in advance? We have worked flat out for you, pulled out all the stops and we would like to finally present you with everything that LactoJoy can do and make possible.

The aim of Lactojoy is to offer to the global market a chewable lactase tablet which is of the highest quality and, at the same time, affordable.

Because high quality is especially important to us, LactoJoy is free of chemical additives. It consists only of lactase and plant-based release agents. Of course, the tablets are also free of animal components, sweeteners and colouring agents.

This is what distinguishes our product

Your benefits with LactoJoy™

  • Plant based

    Plant-based ingredients only

    LactoJoy only contains the enzyme lactase and plant-based ingredients. No unnecessary additives are used.

  • Reliable compound

    A reliable compound

    Even with severe forms of lactose intolerance, the compound helps to optimally break down lactose.

  • High dosage

    High-dosage active ingredient

    Thanks to the high dosage of 14.500 FCC, it is not necessary to calculate the exact lactose content to be able to enjoy food.

  • Fast action

    Fast action

    LactoJoy can be taken just before a meal and immediately helps the body with digestion.

  • Break line

    Break line

    Thanks to the break line, the pills can easily be halved to provide a lower dose as required (approx 7.250 FCC).

  • Convenient packaging

    Convenient packaging

    The plastic-free LactoJoy slider tin can be easily refilled with the LactoJoy refill packet. This is good for the environment and your wallet.

Comfortable & Risk Free

Safe shopping at LactoJoy™

  • Made in Germany

    Without any chemical additives.

  • Fast & Free delivery

    Fast & Free delivery

    We ship free of charge on all Orders over 24,99 € directly on the same day.

  • ★★★★★

    100.000+ Happy customers woldwide.