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How Everything Began

“What? You’re not eating whipped cream with your strawberries? Are you on a diet? Are you feeling unwell? “Anyone afflicted with lactose intolerance is bound to have heard these questions or others like them. Perhaps you also have to occasionally explain to acquaintances why it is that you can’t consume milk or dairy products. “No, I can’t eat everything that’s on the menu!” and “No, I’m not the only one in Germany with lactose intolerance. “ – Roughly 75% percent of the global population is lactose intolerant; in Germany, approximately one out of five people are affected. And yet: Doesn’t it seem to you at times as though you were somehow “abnormal”? Despite a growing awareness in our society, lactose intolerance is still looked upon as a disease when, in fact, it is a food intolerance that affects very many people across the globe. Seen from a global perspective, is not an exception but rather the rule. Milk does not agree with everyone. That’s just the way it is.

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Nevertheless: A few hurdles must be overcome when dealing with lactose intolerance as part of your daily routine. `What can I eat for lunch at the university cafeteria when I meet with fellow students?’ or `should I really accept an invitation to that important luncheon with a business partner?’ How can I avoid attracting unwanted and awkward attention when making special requests? Questions on top of questions that give rise to uneasiness in the run up to such occasions. Are such uncertainties really unavoidable?

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Of course not! With this message – and a good dose of courage – we founded the company better foods GmbH in the fall of 2014. Our mission is to infuse a bit of easygoingness and effortlessness into the daily routine of individuals afflicted with lactose intolerance. We believe that lactose intolerance, which is so common, shouldn’t negatively impact your day-to-day life nor your productive capacity or quality of life.

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With this objective in mind, we developed a product that is meant to accompany you during your daily tasks and challenges: The lactase supplement LactoJoy. LactoJoy comes across as relaxed and easygoing as a mint lozenge. Its unique, contemporary package design goes with a contemporary lifestyle. We’ve dispensed with outdated packaging that is reminiscent of medicinal products from the last century. LactoJoy aids the digestion of lactose. Its outstanding efficacy ensures that the digestive disorders usually experienced are either reduced to a minimum or eliminated completely. This, of course, also enhances your performance and ability to concentrate. Above all, LactoJoy allows you to once again eat what you want to eat. Spontaneous meals with friends or colleagues no longer present a problem. 

In keeping with our motto “Stay Fresh”, we hope you will enjoy LactoJoy and our website.